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Smričnjak Lookout Point

The city’s dynamic topography, combined with even more dynamic historical circumstances, has resulted in an intriguing structure: a series of hills crowned with strongholds, with a city that grows organically at their foot. Although robust and powerful, the fortresses that dominate the peaks appear to be quite natural and are a stunning element of the city’s profile. The most prominent of the city hills is Smričnjak. Apart from the unrestricted views from the summit in all directions, Smričnjak is still part of the city panorama, where it forms the backdrop to the west side of Šibenik also while towering over the city entrance with its unique pyramidal outline.

The lookout’s construction establishes a different focal point, whose position may encourage not only the development and urbanization of the area surrounding the former TEF, but also the formation of the identity of the Njivice town in the northeast. The historical and political significance of Smrčinjak hill and bunkers as a testimony to war events is well-known among the local population.

The serpentine concept, one of the oldest ways of overcoming natural hills, connects points of different heights and also offers a resting place, a point where one can stop and see the path ahead as well as the one behind. The viewpoints are fluidly directed and glide along the path of movement, rotating occasionally to adapt to various directions. We construct modern V-shaped promenades whose arms spring from the hills and whose peaks hover above the stone relief of Smričnjak by extracting the traditional serpentine firmly connected to the terrain.

Promenades connect points of various heights, and by multiplying and harmonizing them with the terrain’s topography, a dynamic “walk” of the Smričnjak peak is formed. The ensemble of promenades borders the very top of the hill and a small bunker with its composition, forming an imaginary triangle permeable on the halves of its sides, including the meeting points of promenades buried in the slope.

The contrast between the solid perimeter of the promenade and the organic configuration of the Smričnjak peak creates distinctive micro-urban situations such as an oasis with drinking water by the bunker, grandstands with the best view at the top, or a hidden corner in the shade at the foot of the most prominent promenade.

The top of the hill is no longer treated as a point, lookout, or installation, but as a location, a space with borders and internal hierarchy, a space whose edge can slide or freely explore its interior, a space that is a reflection of existing but also scenery to create new memories for visitors of the city of Šibenik.

The lookout’s simple shape allows for a variety of lighting configurations. Basic lighting is discreet lighting of the interior of the lookout promenades in regards to light pollution and the natural environment in which it is located. In the environment, additional floodlights and projectors have been installed to occasionally illuminate the outdoor fence and views for special events. As a result, the view from the city becomes dynamic, and the lookout becomes a part of ŠIbenik’s scenography.

Project team:
Damjan Kolundžić, Juraj Kunst, Kata Marunica, Kristian Primorac, Nenad Ravnić, Filip Vidović
Grad Šibenik
Building area
approx 220 m2
In progress / Main project