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NFO was established in 2008 in Zagreb, Croatia by architects Kata Marunica and Nenad Ravnić. The office is engaged in architectural design and has won many awards in public architectural competitions of which eleven first awards: Paromlin Complex, Senj Center, Crikvenica Center, Main Square in Selce, Gordan Lederer Memorial, The Coastline City of Malinska, Danube Elementary School in Vukovar, Student Pavillon in Osijek, Koprivnica Center, Swimmingpool and garage in Crikvenica, hotel Stari podrum in Feričanci. NFO also received several special awards in the field of architecture and design. NFO team occasionally gives lectures at professional institutions in Croatia and abroad. NFO partners have been visiting lecturers on Architectural Faculty, University of Zagreb and Vern University of Applied Sciences .

Our Team.

Frane Dumandžić

Kata Marunica

Dijana Modrić

Kristian Primorac

Ante Sušić

Ivana Triva

Karla Vučić

Lucija Jelenčić

Tomislav Mate

Maša Nikolaienko

Nenad Ravnić

Dora Šantek

Dario Urban

Iva Knežević

Zrinka Miočić

Marin Piršić

Filip Ružić

Andrea Štrbe

Filip Vidović