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Home for Elderly Zagreb

The building of the Home is located in a specific urban situation; it is the focus of three ambiances; extremely public (theological faculty, church in the south), extremely private (family houses in the west), and a forested slope that stretches along the northeastern part of the plot. The basic idea of ​​designing the building is to reconcile these ambiances and harmonize them with the needs of home users.

The building unfolds towards the environment, dragging it into its interior, in order to minimize the burden on the environment with its appearance. The airy shape emphasizes the permeation of the Home with the surrounding ambiances and the mass of the building is lost taking the environment as its integral element. The above-ground volume of the home is laid out on a retractable transparent ground floor, through the walls of which picturesque shots can be seen hiding from the courtyard side of the building. By underlining the public space under the floating outcrop of the building, and by pulling in the forest, among others, public spaces were formed intended for the use of users and visitors. Inside the building, an internal square is formed, a common space from which all the functions and contents of the Home can be easily viewed.

Project team:
Kata Marunica, Dijana Pavić, Nikica Pavlović, Sandra Perić, Nenad Ravnić, Filip Vidović, Javier Garcia Librero
Animus Primo d.o.o.
Building area
7 708,9 m2