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Crikvenica Center

The promenade, one of the main traditions of the town of Crikvenica, was stopped on Stjepan Radić Square. The goal was to patch up the rupture and thus reintegrate the southeastern part of Crikvenica into the city as a whole. In this way, Crikvenica is connected with a long stretch of the promenade by the sea from Dramalj to Selce, integrating all the facilities along the coastline.

The tree line, as one of the main characteristics of the promenade, forms a spine to which heterogeneous contents are connected, creating different ambiances along the entire promenade. Stjepan Radić Square becomes a kind of center towards which movements along the coast gravitate and as such requires a large open area. With its shape, the promenade covered Stjepan Radić Square and formed a clean space that befits the main city square, and directed its views towards the opposite islands.

Project team:
Kata Marunica, Nenad Ravnić
City of Crikvenica
Building area
5 800 m2