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Malinska Center


The entire coast is encompassed within two larger spatial units; its urban and its natural part. The urban part implies a solid structure of the existing center, with a breakwater as its northern border, and the New Pier as the southern border. The natural part refers to the slightly built part of the coast south of Novi mul, ending with the bay of Draga. Each of the two units consists of several smaller ones, whose boundaries are not strict but overlap and complement each other, thus forming a continuous and content-balanced coastal belt.


The square overlaps with its area with the park Krokišće, thus turning part of the greenery into shady terraces of cafes and creating a wooded facade of the square, which continues into the green belt of the natural whole of the place. The contact between the sea and the square is softened, and the focus of the square itself is directed by a staircase/tribune that plunges into the sea basin formed at the head of the square. The building of the tourist board is underlined under the green carpet of the park and its facade is oriented towards the square. During the season, it is a treasure trove of information for guests, while in winter it becomes an activator of the town center, turning into a cultural center, theater, or exhibition space. The old pumping station in its original form merges with the New Square, thus marking the beginning of the urban whole; ports.


The proportions of the breakwater are conditioned by the operational needs of the port, the number of Moores, and the growing number of visitors to Malinska in general. The design of the breakwater meets the service requirements of the nautical port and at the same time reconciles them with the likable Mediterranean spirit of the rest of the settlement. The link between the breakwater and the coast is represented by a green belt, which penetrates it in a line, carrying with it the urban matrix of the rest of the settlement. The promenade intertwined with greenery forms an entrance hall to the parking lot located on the breakwater and is a kind of access road to the panoramic terrace at the top of the breakwater.


As an interpretation of the mill, its modern version was taken over; wind turbine. The mechanical assembly of both systems is the same; the kinetic energy of the wind rotates the propeller, which uses a system of gears and shafts to use that energy to start the generator. In addition to the romantic reminiscence of the windmill form, it promotes the sustainable development and use of renewable energy sources and raising environmental awareness, both locals and visitors to Malinska. The floating balloon of the wind turbine is an intriguing symbol visible from the open sea and the highway, and since it is adjustable in height, it can be used as a panoramic elevator or a signaling event on the breakwater / in the city. In case of bad weather, the mill can be lowered to the ground and tied to its associated bearing, hollowed out in the surface of the panoramic terrace of the breakwater.

Project team:
Kata Marunica, Dijana Pavić, Nikica Pavlović, Lucija Raffanelli, Goran Rukavina, Nenad Ravnić, Filip Vidović
Općina Malinska-Dubašnica
Building area
53 000 m2
Competition, 1st prize