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Würth warehouse and office building

Conceptually, the main building is comprised of two main masses – the offices are oriented toward the main road, and the warehouse towards the yard. Through the design of the building, we endeavored to reconcile these two different, but equally indispensable and complementary, elements in an expression that would encompass the built volume in a single compact ensemble – a vision of the space which has remained consistent from the initial sketch until the realization.

The dynamic interplay of elements inside a rather simple rigid cubic shape was achieved by slicing the volume and removing parts of it in order to fill the space with more sunlight, which resulted in additional facade areas and naturally lit spaces.

As a consequence, terraces, inner courtyards, entrances and similar open and covered spaces, intended for communication, outside events, or resting during work breaks, were placed in the realized cavities in the volume. A hanging garden was formed in the gap between the two masses, which connects the warehouse and the offices – conceptually, functionally, and visually – but it also supplies the warehouse with the needed infrastructure. The series of hanging bridges is used to transfer the water supply, electricity, and the heating from the technical block situated in the office building to the warehouse.

The general approach comprised of removing elements from the whole in order to achieve a dynamic play of the remaining geometry is also visible in the treatment of the facade – while the kept parts of the envelope have an overall calm grey shade, the cuts into the volume are contrasted to them and treated as if the removal left behind a bright red surface in the place of the cut. This treatment resulted in a differentiation between the rigid outer envelope and the dynamic spaces of terraces and squares formed by displacing parts of the mass.

A warehouse and an office building are, in general, functionally quite different buildings, and, essentially, they require different treatment: viewed separately, purely office buildings or purely warehouse buildings commonly have very different appearances.

In order to stay consistent with the concept, in the sense of valuing both elements as equivalent parts of a single functional assembly, we decided on using complementary facade systems, both of which needed to be innate to the purpose of the space they are enveloping. For that reason for the office building, we designed a rear-ventilated facade with aluminum composite panels as the covering, while on the warehouse a facade consisting of vertically placed thermally insulated sandwich panels was devised, in the same shade as the facade of the office building.

Project team:
Damjan Kolundžić, Kata Marunica, Marin Piršić, Nenad Ravnić, Ante Sušić, Karla Tavić, Ivana Triva, Marin Zidarević,
Marin Piršić
Würth-Hrvatska d.o.o.
Building area
11 230 m2