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Kindergarten Brunkovec competition

A kindergarten and a public park plot were formed on the given coverage. The position of the public park is conditioned by the existing approach to the primary school, which has been expanded in this way.

The kindergarten is entirely designed as a ground-floor building. The entrance is located centrally between two functional units, a kindergarten, and a nursery. Ancillary, auxiliary, and utility rooms are located in the north at the contact with the backyard and the entrance to the kindergarten. The multi-purpose space is also located centrally connecting the rear and front yard separating the basic functional assemblies.

The living rooms are entered through a triage/locker room from the north corridor with extensions at the entrance points. By evading the basic units, micro spaces of the entrance and a different character of the outdoor covered terraces were created. Outdoor playgrounds are arranged in two sets, nursery, and kindergarten, on the terraces that follow the slight decline of the terrain. Storage for outdoor toys and props is located on the grounds.

The economic complex is located in the north on the west side with a separate entrance and consists of a kitchen complex and a laundry. The area for educational health workers is also located on the north side on the east side with an entrance next to which there are rooms for accommodating a sick child. The boiler room and the handyman’s room form a separate assembly on the same side.

The kindergarten is a ground floor building designed from classic materials, bricks with reinforced concrete construction of vertical and horizontal circles. The base of the kindergarten is plastered, while the units have a finished lining of painted sheet metal. Protection from the setting and eastern sun is solved by means of load-bearing vertical concrete sunshades.

The access yard is paved with green cubes. The fire road is designed as a grass grid around the entire building. The outer courtyards of the kindergarten and nursery are paved with green cubes with playgrounds on a rubber protective surface.

Project team:
Kata Marunica, Nenad Ravnić
Grad Kutina
Building area
2 374 m2
competition, 3rd prize