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Vrbani Business Center Competition

The location in question is in the context of several strong determinants, the road in the north, the park and neighborhood in the south and west, and the Adriatic Insurance office building in the east. A closed building of an archetypal shape has been erected, which solves its own urbanism within itself and sets guidelines for the development of the surrounding area. A corporate building of a generally closed type within its own solid volume engraves the urban determinants of passage that potentiate the directions of movement through the immediate environment while at the same time drawing the external context into internal urbanism.

In this way, the closure of the black volume was broken and opened towards the internal structure of the building. Observed from vehicles on Zagrebačka Avenue, “cracks” create different views of the compact volume. The crack at night creates a strong symbol that contributes to the recognizability and forms the identity of the building in the dynamics of the avenue.

The passages are oriented to the main directions of movement from Zagrebačka and the park and the neighborhood, emphasizing the public use of the ground floor of the new building, but also the nearby park, affirming its use. The volume of the building divided within itself into three volumes by setting up passages/canyons creates quality dynamics of passages and visual communications with each other and outwards in four directions, context and sky.

Cracks through the volume form a central lobby from which the entire structure of the building is simply perceived. Stretching through all floors, they organize the space in three volumes interconnected by a continuous circular connection. The public ground floor draws the user into the green lobby and the surrounding shopping and catering facilities, allowing a view of the network of bridges that connect the business parts of the building and the sky.

Project team:
Kata Marunica, Josip Zaninović, Nenad Ravnić
Tehnomobil d.o.o.
Building area
35 370 m2
Competition, 4th prize