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Varaždin Student Dormitory and Canteen Competition


The student restaurant, since its users are not just residents of the dormitory, is separated into a separate parcel. With its primary spaces, it opens towards the green zones in the northwest and southwest, and with its service areas, it forms a solid block in the southeast towards the railway. The entrance area is oriented towards the open space in front of the old home and thus further activates it, becoming part of the whole. Glazed rocks integrate the environment into the dining area while a solid service block separates it from the noise of the railway and the farmyard. The roof of the restaurant is covered with photovoltaic cells oriented to the south, which create a dynamic fifth facade and make the restaurant energy self-sustaining.


The new student dormitory responds to the existing disposition of the old dormitory by forming a block and builds on it in terms of content and form. To avoid the airtightness of the classic block, the new home responds to the highlights of the old one. The wings of the new home move away from the side wings of the old one, but at the same time with their volume, they maintain the urban tension in order to maintain the integrity of the block.

Project team:
Kata Marunica, Javier Garcia Librero, Dijana Pavić, Alma Špoljarec, Nina Žaja, Nenad Ravnić
Sveučilište u Zagrebu
Building area
12 676 m2
competition, 2nd prize