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Vatroslav Lisinski Square Competition


Vatroslav Lisinski Square is bordered on three sides by the solid structure of the Osijek Fortress, while from the west it opens towards the green belt of the Drava River. The historical conception of the square defines a doubletree line that separates the empty area of ​​the square from the surrounding construction and “non-construction”. Conservation guidelines are breaking the green ring of the tree-lined avenue towards the newly renovated Franciscan monastery building, setting a new focus for the square. The west side of the square is leveled in relation to the main area with a vague attitude towards the school building and the pedestrian direction towards the Drava.

A new interpretation of the historic tree-lined avenue was used as an element of the formation of two new squares adapted to the new functions surrounding it. The tree line divides the subject zone into two squares, the main and the smaller school square. The main square is located on the upper elevation of the terrain while the school square is on the lower, adapted to the school building in the green belt of the Drava.

The two squares are connected by a transitional urban sequence of a large staircase/grandstand through a shady zone of trees, and the main connection between the two newly formed zones, in addition to the communication function, also serves as a relief extension of the school square enriched with sitting and holding zones. The characteristics of the tree line are adapted to the surrounding functions. In front of the University building, the tree-lined avenue serves as an area for sitting in the shade, parking bicycles, and relaxing overlooking the main square.

The greenery in front of the hostel protects guests from unwanted views and noise from the square, while towards the west, in the widest zone, multifunctional space is formed for children’s playgrounds, outdoor exhibitions, and such.

Project team:
Kata Marunica, Javier Garcia Librero, Marin Knežević, Dijana Pavić, Filip Vidović, Nenad Ravnić
Agencija za obnovu osječke Tvrđe
Building area
6 500 m2
Competition, 2nd prize