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Summer Theater Opatija Competition

With the desire to preserve the cohabitation of nature and subtle human action, the whole space is covered with a uniform structure of geodesic domes that preserves the existing oasis by setting a framework for all events that this space host emphasizing existing qualities. In this way, the familiar environment in which citizens and visitors navigate remains intact. Located on a prominent terrain with a view from the center of Opatija without imposing a new architectural aesthetic, it becomes a specific sign in the space that attracts users with its discovery / non-discovery, ie the indication of hidden content. The newly covered space becomes a recognizable center of numerous cultural events that Opatija is rich in.

The presentation of new lightweight constructions has a non-invasive effect on the situation with minimal interventions in the existing structure of walls and greenery. A simple construction composed of steel (possibly aluminum) triangles forms a solid and light geodetic dome. The dome is placed on 15-point concrete foundations leaving flexible windows with easy avoidance of existing walls.

The geodesic dome very efficiently transfers loads from its surfaces to the foundations, thus enabling a simple, light, and cheap construction. The openings inside each triangle are filled with a plastic ETFE membrane system in two layers protecting the space from external influences. The very flexible construction leaves the possibility of complete closure of the space depending on the needs. In this way, the covered summer stage Opatija becomes a space that can receive various contents from concerts, festivals, congresses, fairs, but also smaller gatherings of respect for the dome and small stages.

Project team:
Kata Marunica, Maja Cindrić, Hrvoje Spudić, Nenad Ravnić
Grad Opatija
Building area
1 500 m2