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Strojarska Competition

With the construction of the Bundek Bridge, Strojarska Street becomes one of the city’s main contact zones with the Lower Town. Like Miramarska and the future tower at its end and the unrealized Ostrogović tower on Ulica hrvatske bratske zajednice, the positioning of the tower at the end of Strojarska emphasizes the new character of this city avenue.

The need for a high coefficient of utilization is solved by mixing typologies that meet the program provisions in an adequate scale, high towers in the scale of the city, and bases in the scale of the everyday passer-by.

The light base opens the complex to users, generating a pleasant ambiance for quality public space through a series of portals and covered squares, emphasizing the use of the base content. The reference colors inside the base serve as an orientation factor and identity creation.

The roof of the base is activated by recreational facilities, a park and is in the service of public, commercial, and private facilities of the complex and beyond.

Three towers of different heights are located within the “bite” of the base, creating free views of the environment. The free ground floors of the towers create an entrance space for the users. Heterogeneous contents inside the towers created the preconditions for all-day use and activation of the complex. Connecting to the database at several key points emphasizes the permeation of different content.

Project team:
Kata Marunica, Nenad Ravnić, Josip Zaninović
Nadbiskupija zagrebačka
Building area
97 000 m2