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Old Cellar Hotel

The old basement building has been preserved in its original form forms with the existing wine cellar next to which it is the planned Wine experience zone. Wine story continues to the first floor where the multisensory is located room and conference hall, directly connected to the entrance to the new hotel.


The concept is based on weights to large volumes maximally adjust the proportions of the Old Cellar. A kind of “cloister” bounded by the Old was formed basement and extension that is not larger than existing construction. They are located in the “cloister” common facilities: restaurant, part of the conference, swimming pool which, among other things, form several closed ones courtyards of a different character. Central roof The building is planned to be active in terms of possibilities going out, forming terraces and greenery, even as expansion of the outdoor recreation area. The rooms are located on the first floor. The rooms are upstairs positioned along the entire circumference of the “cloister”. Part of the room faces south, towards the barn and the recreation area while it is the rest of the rooms oriented towards the green cloister. Expansion of accommodation capacities for the horse is conceived around the existing barn. It is proposed to form a set of 4 buildings on the ground floors of which new barns are located for horses and space for rehabilitation and care of horses. As added value and a new form of rural tourism, the possibility of performing an additional 24 rooms in attics of accommodation facilities.

Project team:
Nenad Ravnić, Kata Marunica, Mirta Mesić, Ana Mustapić, Roko Šarić, Filip Vidović
Building area
7 817 m2
Conceptual design, 1. first prize in a closed competition