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Maj Townhouses Poreč


Terraced houses called Maj Townhouses are a good example of modern housing construction in the settlement of Veli Maj in Poreč. Ten houses in a row, five on each side, seem like a world unto themselves, and a clever architectural solution. They allow a high level of privacy with a warm sense of neighborhood. Each house has a garden and parking space, and six houses also have sea views. They are houses literally created for enjoyment – enjoying with family, enjoying with children, enjoying company with barbecue, enjoying life.

Project team:
Kata Marunica, Ana Mustapić, Nenad Ravnić, Goran Rukavina, Filip Vidović
Napa Estate d.o.o.
Building area
558 m2
In progress


Each house consists of two floors and has an average of 65 square meters, with more or less square footage garden, depending on the location of the house. The size of the garden varies from 42 m2 to 104 m2, and the space is fenced. The interior is organized in such a way that the unique space of the kitchen, dining room, and living room on the ground floor, with exit to the terrace, while on the upper floor there are rooms. The larger bathroom is upstairs and the toilet is on the ground floor. Each house has one parking space with the possibility of adding more parking spaces.


Special attention is paid to the organization and arrangement of the interior to make staying in the house as pleasant as possible. The emphasis is on natural light, which is abundant thanks to the large glass surfaces. Contemporary style decorations with daylight and the use of natural colors contribute to the ambiance radiating optimism and comfort. The ground floor is designed as a fluid room with an extension of the garden and is designed as a central place for daily activities. The bedrooms are upstairs, and a vertically separated gallery space is one of the room will be a favorite creative haven – for both adults and children. The proven combination of comfort, Security and functionality make these homes the living spaces of the future.


The location of the houses – the settlement of Veli Maj in Poreč – is truly an environment worthy of top real estate like these. The resort has achieved an ideal balance between a quiet environment and proximity to all desired facilities such as the city center and sea ​​coast. The wider Istrian context offers numerous opportunities to enjoy nature, gastronomy, and culture, and the connection and proximity of European capitals make this place even more precious. Whether it is a summer vacation or year-round housing, Poreč offers excellent conditions for an outstanding quality of life.