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Senj Center Competition

Within the old town of Senj, a network of streets with a medieval structure was observed, with a series of squares at the places where the main communications extend. In order to retain a valuable urban physiognomy but articulate it, a tree was used as a unit to consolidate space.

The space has a pronounced characteristic of transience (it lets in all directions), and by using the existing urban features and the “new” element of the tree, different environments are created for the passer-by who motivates him to move or stay.

Ambiance Pavlinski trg

Created on the site of a demolished church, it opened the core of Senj towards the sea. By positioning the “forest”, the memory returns to a solid city structure. Blackberry trees create a vault over the square and articulate spaces of restraint and movement creating a shady ambiance for the many spontaneously formed terraces of the café. By planting the forest, psychologically separates itself from the highway, but nevertheless retains the quality of the shot towards the sea and the islands created by the demolition of the church of St. Nicholas.

Ambiance Potok

The existing ambiance accentuated by a medieval structure is attractive and dynamic in itself. A few trees in the expansion areas give the street an additional charm that the residents have recognized by placing jars of greenery in front of the facades on their own initiative, thus forming places suitable for stopping and talking.

Ambiance Pjaca

The main town square must be left free in order to realize all the possibilities of use that the main town square must satisfy. We close the crack in the front of the square towards the Great Gate with canopies in order to achieve a completely open city area.

Ambiance Velika vrata

The existing quality measure of space was valorized by planting a tree in order to encourage even greater interaction of citizens in everyday use. The space is enriched with a series of micro-environments of different characteristics and purposes.

Project team:
Kata Marunica, Ana Burić, Sandra Perić, Nenad Ravnić
Grad Senj
Building area
5 500 m2
Competition, 1st prize


Velika vrata


Pavlinski trg