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SEC (Sports Education Center) at Faculty of Kinesiology


The spacious plot of the Faculty of Kinesiology is bordered on the north and east by two extremely busy streets; Selska and Horvaćanska roads. These streets are the leading activators of the Western University Sports Campus, as the majority of students, campus users, arrive precisely on foot or by tram from nearby dormitories; Cvjetno dormitory, Dr. Ante Starčević and Stjepan Radić dormitories. The south side of the plot is touched by Jarunska Street, which in addition to the building of the Faculty of Kinesiology and Stjepan Radić dormitory connects the Volleyball Hall, Mladost Pool, and a number of open arenas of various sports, passing the core of the sports campus and connecting it with Jarun, Zagreb’s sports and recreation center.

The concept of the house is the street.

Pedestrian roads, derived from the described urban situation, become the carrier of the circulation of passers-by and a means of zoning the contents of the plot. They draw the users of the center and passers-by into the space of the plot, guiding them through the sports fields and the city recreation park towards its focus; Sports Square and Sports Street. The square gathers all the pedestrian approaches to the Center and directs them through the Street. Along the sports street, there are entrances to the components of the Sports Education Center; indoor circuit, Institute of Kinesiology, Fitness, and Clinic. The street itself is included in the hollow building of the Sports Education Center, which with its appearance follows the urban matrix of Jarunska Street, determined by the pavilions of the student dormitory and the building of the Faculty of Kinesiology. The facades of Sportska Street are made of glass rocks overlooking the multi-story halls, fitness, and institute; shop windows in which the life of the center itself takes place. The ceiling of the street is made up of tree canopies and the sky, letting the passer-by know that he is still outside, on the public promenade; passing towards Mladost and Jarun.

Project team:
Kata Marunica, Eugen Čanić, Dijana Pavić, Nikica Pavlović, Sandra Perić, Goran Rukavina, Filip Vidović, Nenad Ravnić
Sveučilište u Zagrebu
Building area
11 800 m2