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Paromlin competition

The scheme of movement – central with all its contents satisfies the primary function of the hub and distribution of people and traffic. Through its “backbone”, it connects the surrounding facilities (Lisinski, Poglavarstvo, Kupalište Paromlin, and Zagrebačka bank) into a public space of commercial facilities and services, connecting them with the Lower Town through a system of subways under the Railway Station.

Paromlin in phase I is an oasis of social content because it is solved as a completed and arranged whole within an unrestrained situation and as it will act as a generator of landscaping for the rest of the zone. The buildings on the contact part of the narrower zone include the installation of an integral part of the Paromlin micro-urbanism and thus gain in value. The required parking space for the entire zone is located in a place so that it is reserved for temporary use for commercial purposes until the overall picture of the location is realized. In the case of the realization of the central axis, its form protects it from the effects of noise and traffic. Important buildings are retained while less important ones are removed and time creates space within the complex that reverses the initial urbanism. Paromlin as a block that enters from an external unfortunate situation. Certain elements of the complex remain on the square, which gives them a new function, so the main entrance to the bathing complex is solved as a reminiscence of “grain filling” while silos and wind turbine chimneys become their own advertising content offered by the new Paromiln, visible from Vukovar and Donji. of the city. The square is forcing purposes that attract different types of users at different times of the day, Paromlin becomes a generator of public events with the potential to revive the surrounding area regardless of solving the wider situation, with the new attraction of the new Paromlin – swimming pool.

Project team:
Kata Marunica, Nenad Ravnić
Oris, Dupont
Building area
8 500 m2
Competition, 1st prize