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Park and Garage Vodice

Within the scope in question, there is a city park – Trg kneza Branimira, with a height difference of 2 m in the NE-SW direction. Located near the city center, the square is an ideal location for solving the eternal problem of every Dalmatian city – parking.

It is envisaged to maintain the park arrangement of the square so that the surface of the park is performed in a slight counter-fall in relation to the slope of the terrain and thus forms a sufficient height to accommodate the entrance to the garage with SE and business premises on the ground floor.

The existing directions of movement are preserved by forming two staircases on the SE side. Two pedestrian paths are also formed concentrically – one in the fall of the new park (roof) and the other in the fall of the surrounding terrain.

Project team:
Ana Begović, Nikica Pavlović, Filip Vidović, Nenad Ravnić
Building area
5 000 m2
preliminary study