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Elementary School Pazdigrad competition Split

Typologically opposite concerning the surrounding tall and narrow residential buildings, the school and kindergarten as flat and wide, the shape and the fifth facade emphasize their functional specificity.

The difference in typology concerning other existing and future construction realizes the identity and character of the place. The openness of the new public space gives added value to the surrounding neighborhood.

The plot is divided by a service road functionally into two green islands, school, and kindergarten. Buildings laid on the edge of the plot maximally avoid the wall of buildings in front of the location, ensuring the presence of the sea and airiness, while the slope and orientation of the buildings allow optimal lighting of classrooms/units.

Side entrances to the buildings, service roads that touch the buildings and the position of the outdoor playgrounds allow easy access from both the south street and the future north street.

Project team:
Kata Marunica, Nenad Ravnić
Grad Split
Building area
7 908 m2
Competition, mention