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J.J.S. Osijek University Competition


The unfinished block of the former barracks is surrounded by completed block structures of various types. The solid facades of the blocks with park breaks form the finished urban image. The interiors of Osijek’s blocks are heterogeneous, from completely closed private to park/sports to fully built. The subject block combines two great potentials, incompleteness, and a distinctly public purpose. The solid exterior of the barracks building contrasts with the open façade towards the interior of the block. Complementing the existing, predominantly public purpose with new buildings also of a public character creates a unique opportunity for alternative treatment of block construction by positioning new buildings in a way to maintain block strength while making the attractive interior of the block an essential building element.


The university block opens with a clear diagonal of movement which, with its position, creates a shortcut that connects the contents south and north of the block. The shortcut invites the user into the interior of the block, offering him a protected pedestrian corridor enriched with various contents and a view of the hitherto unaffirmed attractive interior of the block.


The new buildings are positioned in relation to the existing ones in two ways. The residential building is urbanistically connected to the office building in the north of the block, respecting certain parameters set by that building, creating a less frequent zone that closes the block. The SC building is separated from the structure of the block by Shortcut, from which it has its entrance facade. Completion of the block can be accomplished in two phases as both buildings are physically separated. The first phase assumes the construction of a residential building in the north and the definition of the inner courtyard by Shortcut, which in this case is a park diagonal, while the second phase of the construction of the SC building fully defines the block and the Shortcut.

Project team:
Kata Marunica, Javier Garcia Librero, Marin Knežević, Saša Košuta, Dijana Pavić, Dorotea Novak, Filip Vidović, Nina Žaja, Nenad Ravnić
Sveučilište Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u Osijeku
Building area
12 923 m2
Competition, 5th place