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House KNL

KNL house is located in Istria, near Poreč, in a quiet green oasis surrounded by forest. The project task was defined as a four-bedroom holiday home with private bathrooms , common area for living, dining and kitchen and a courtyard with a pool.

The plot is located on a terrain with a slight slope with a forest view. With the aim of maximally fitting the new volume into the environment, the ground floor is „sinked“ into the terrain on the entrance side, while on the other, courtyard side , the house opens towards the pool and a large lawn. From the street side house looks like a simple white cube with a focus on the point of entry which is reached by a bridge over the greenery. As you approach the house, additional spatial sensations open up, an external staircase and a „tunnel“ that passes under the first floor and a window „light“ towards the kitchen.  Passing through the „tunnel“, you direct  exit to the courtyard side into the covered area and a sun deck with the pool.

Project team:
Kata Marunica, Nenad Ravnić, Filip Vidović , Sara Vulić, Marin Zidarević
Building area
260 m2
2017 - 2020

The ground floor is open to the forest view and living areas are integrated in the landscape through terrace with a barbecue and a pool. The focus of the living spaces are the stairs which are mounted on a constructive „V“ pillar made of visible concrete, which was also used on the ceiling of the kitchen-dining area.

From the courtyard, the house is a white cube set on a base made up of terrain and stone walls. Base is rough with stone walls slightly enclosing the outdoor space to provide isolation with a view towards courtyard lawn and surrounding forest. The cube is simplified, smooth and white, closed, with all the openings located in dark balcony niches.

The garden is designed minimalist with open lawn extending into the depth of the plot in contrast to the forest that encloses it.

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