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“Goveđa glava”


The building of the “Goveđa glava” restaurant has been preserved in its original form. The buildings located on the site are mostly ground floor except for the part of “Goveđa glava” which has two floors. The facilities are separated and not connected by a warm connection.


The content planned on the site is a unique restaurant facility. The concept of the building that is being upgraded is based on the complete separation of the restaurant building from the rainy part (“Goveđa glava”) and the winter hut, while the old barn is integrated and thus becomes part of a separate restaurant complex. Inside the ground floor of the reconstructed old barn is the entrance foyer of the restaurant. The restaurant and the new kitchen with attached toilets are located in the basement, under the old barn building. The restaurant offers a view of the vineyards and the surrounding landscape, and the glass front can be fully opened, which further emphasizes the connection between the restaurant and the vineyards.

Accommodation houses (type Robinson tourism) are located in two rows. The first row of houses, closer to the forest consists of 10 houses – hunting Stands. These are apartments for accommodation of approximately 20 m2, raised from the ground. In this way, a covered terrace is provided under the checkpoints, which can include a jacuzzi, children’s playground, sandpit, etc. The second row of houses, closer to the vineyards, is designed as a series of partially buried apartments – domes, which are open to the view and vineyards. They also contain a partially covered terrace, hidden from possible views from the neighboring apartments.

Project team:
Nenad Ravnić, Kata Marunica, Mirta Mesić, Ana Mustapić, Roko Šarić, Filip Vidović
Osilovac d.o.o.
Building area
10 667 m2
In progress