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Gordan Lederer Memorial

Broken lens on the edge of hillside Čukur, over valley of the river Una. Lens is cracked and burrowed into the grass. The access path is directed towards the monument and stops 10 meters in front of it. Leaving the monument, the lens, untouched and surrounded by emptiness. Crossing the meadow in front of the monument is to be left to the decision of the visitor; whether to stay at the end of the path, look at  situation and go back the same way or to walk on grass towards the goal; the monument and look through the lens Gordan Lederer Una valley.

The lens is broken, mosaic of diffrent images of the Una river valley is recognized in the glass fragments, framed just and only by the coincidence of  glass breakage. Meadows clean space in front of the lens is maneuvering space, the space of locating ideal angle. View glides over the glass and watchs the scenes in the rubble, the visitor moves through the valley of  lost perspective lens Gordan Lederer.

From the valley, monument dematerialize itself and becomes just a flash.

Project team:
NFO + Petar Barišić
Bosnić + Dorotić; Cropix
award link:
2019 East Centric Arhitext Awards Contest - Finalist for Broken Landscape Gordan Lederer