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Swimming pool Dubrava


The location in question is well integrated into the fabric of the settlement, and even the immediate surroundings of the plot exude the typical content and form heterogeneity of Dubrava. A panorama composed of residential multi-storey buildings, a church, family houses, a school, and a skyscraper surrounds (and overhangs) the location of the future swimming pool and generates a daily turnover of people around the plot in question, but through it.

The cramped plot and colorful context have imposed the need to form a simple, visually striking, and clearly legible building that tends to upgrade the unspoken urbanity of the location. By abstracting the shape of the building into a white prism, a visual contrast was established in relation to the vibrant environment of the location.

The phenomenon of spontaneous passage of residents through the plot inspired the formation of a public cavity through the building. By horizontally deepening the prism, a passage is formed, which becomes the entrance square in several parts of the pool complex, and at the same time respects the expected pedestrian trajectories.

The new pool, literally and figuratively taking away from its corpus, returns a new public space to the community, giving it some new added value.

The ellipsoid atrium, a fluid cavity positioned between the two pools, was formed by the vertical deepening of the prism. In this way, the pool hall is provided with diffused daylight, which illuminates the entrance square on the ground floor. The formed cavity visually connects different parts of the assembly (entrance square, mix zone, pool hall), so the dynamics of individual parts of the assembly can be sensed upon arrival at the entrance square. Unusual shots, shadows, and specific acoustics of the formed entrance cavity have the potential to create an unexpected spatial moment for casual passers-by, as well as visitors to the pool complex.

The pool hall was lifted from the events on the ground. After changing, the swimmers climb into the pool area, nestled among the soothing treetops. With an oval atrium (oculus) that overlooks the entrance square, the hall is visually connected to the public space below the pool and the sky above, discreetly outlined in the calm water of the pool.

Project team:
Kata Marunica, Nenad Ravnić, Maja Bencetić, Frane Dumandžić, Roko Šarić, Ivana Triva, Filip Vidović, Nikolina Zahtila
City of Zagreb
Building area
5 122 m2