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Main Square in Koprivnica


Seen from the air, Zrinski Square acts as a zone of tension and road crossings crucified between streets/tributaries to the east and west. This tension of space created from the main square of Koprivnica a transit place – a space that more defines flow and movement, and less retention and everyday activities.

Intuitive lines of movement of cyclists beyond the drawn bike paths diagonally “cut” the square to get as soon as possible from one to the other end. Accepting the flow as an inevitability in the functioning of the Square, bicycle paths as a kind of coordinate system are formed zones retention between the said paths and the perimeter of the square.

Defined zones are like collages of activities defined by micro-location specifics, the current habits of the citizens, and the potential for the realization of some new collective habits and traditions. Zones should be a receptive space that adapts to the habits of citizens and the variability of time and ideas. The side streets/tributaries become the lobbies of the main square.

Project team:
Maja Bencetić, Frane Dumandžić, Kata Marunica, Nenad Ravnić, Andrea Šandrk, Roko Šarić, Karla Tavić, Filip Vidović
City of Koprivnica
Building area
14 000 m2
1st prize in public competition for the reconstruction of main square in Koprivnica